2019 Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses

David WilkinsonDear Colleagues,

2019 will mark the 11th annual Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses. For the past decade we have designed our program with Australia’s most qualified and accomplished Skin Cancer Doctors in mind.  Ensuring our Masterclasses are delivered by some of the world’s most expert Skin Cancer Surgeons and Dermoscopists; and handpicking Summit presenters that share the most cutting-edge developments in their relevant skin cancer field. 

While we haven’t deviated too far from this recipe, we have modified our 2019 Program to expand our reach and ensure a more inclusive audience.  So, what will be different in 2019?  We have added three more Masterclasses in addition to our advanced Surgical and Dermoscopy Masterclasses; a Skin Cancer Medicine Beginners Masterclass for those doctors who are in the early stages of their skin cancer medicine work – perhaps you’ve done the Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine but you’d like a refresher and some additional information about how to really get started.  Additionally, we wanted to ensure that we were supporting the people that support you – Skin Cancer Nurses and Practice Managers.  We have therefore designed two courses for these professionals which will provide them with the information and skills to help your clinics soar.  Finally, our Summit Program has been condensed from two days to one to ensure we bring you a shorter, sharper program that will spike your interest and hold your attention.  

As always, we have scoured the globe to identify an international keynote that will not disappoint. I am delighted to announce that in 2019 we will be joined by Dr David Swanson from the Mayo Clinic in the United States. Dr Swanson will also present our Dermoscopy Masterclass.

Amongst all of the education and inspiration we also hope that you use the Summit as an opportunity to connect with colleagues past and present, to reflect on the truly life-saving and amazing field that we are all privileged to be a part of, and hopefully… relax and enjoy yourselves. We have a number of social activities planned, including welcome drinks on the Friday evening in our exhibition area and the Skin Cancer Institute Gala Dinner on the Saturday evening which will close out, what promises to be, three sensational days of skin cancer medicine.

I do hope that you are able to join us in Brisbane in 2019 for this jam packed, reimagined Summit and Masterclass Program.

Professor David Wilkinson,
2019 Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses Convenor



Watch the video below to learn more about the 2019 Skin Cancer Summit

[REVIEW] 2018 Skin Cancer Summit and Masterclasses 

25 - 28 July 2018 | Brisbane 

The 10th Skin Cancer Summit & Masterclasses saw international thought leaders in skin cancer medicine converge in Brisbane to collaborate with GPs from across Australia. The 2018 program once again covered a broad range of topics relevant to doctors working in primary care skin cancer medicine. The Masterclasses focused on core day-to-day material, as a way to reinforce and extend knowledge. The two-day Summit opened up new areas of study, enquiry and interest.


Dermoscopy Masterclass: 25 July 2018

The first Masterclass focused on diagnosis through dermoscopy and was run by Prof Ash Marghoob (USA) and Dr Aimilios Lallas (Greece).

Dr Lallas used the concept of false positive and false negative diagnoses to reinforce our diagnostic accuracy. Clearly, as morphology overlaps the distinction between what is a cancer, and what is not, can provide confusion.

This broad concept was beautifully extended by Prof Marghoob through his presentation on difficult to diagnose melanomas. As we all know, the easy ones are easy. It is the hard-to-diagnose that we risk missing!

The session then moved into important body sites – the face and acral areas, which are important because the morphology of lesions on these sites is different from morphology on other sites. If we don’t understand this and know how the appearances differ, then we can’t accurately recognise cancers.

Our presenters then extended these important concepts to difficult to diagnose non-melanoma skin cancers, as it is not just melanomas that can be tricky. And, as always, we finished with a series of interactive cases.

Surgery Masterclass: 26 July 2018

Summit_6The second Masterclass covered surgery of the ear. The ear, of course, is a common site for skin cancer because it is so exposed to solar damage. Ear surgery is important because cosmetic results are very visible to the patient and others. So, it is essential to get the surgery right, cure the cancer, and repair the defect as sympathetically as possible.

Dr Con Pappas and Dr Tony Azzi provided a comprehensive overview of how to prepare for and conduct surgery of the ear, across almost all imaginable lesions.


Summit: 27-28 July 2018

Summit_7          Summit_8          Summit_9

The Summit program is deliberately designed to be a mix of very practical, everyday material that supports our daily practice.

This year, key examples of these sessions were those on ‘effectiveness of dermoscopy’, ‘why we miss melanoma’, and ‘radiation oncology’. We also ran sessions that we hope will keep you and your patients safe, including ‘what interests the watchdog’ and ‘monitoring tips and traps’.

Summit_10_edited          Summit_11          Summit_12

We deliberately moved into the future and sought to explore and speculate on what might be. It is clear that artificial intelligence is already with us, and yet most of us don’t really see what is happening and what might be coming. As educated and interested professionals, it is worth being aware of these trends.

We also like to keep you across what is happening outside clinical practice, in areas that are relevant to running your business. So, our sessions on how to run a successful business, and how others organise their own practices, are always very popular.

Skin Cancer Institute Gala Dinner

The Skin Cancer Summit closed with a Gala Dinner at the Queensland Cricketers' Club. Hosted by the Skin Cancer Institute, the inaugural ‘White Out Skin Cancer’ Gala Dinner donated all proceeds to QIMR Berghofer. The delegates' generosity and support will make a difference to many lives as we take a step closer to our vision of a world where nobody dies from skin cancer.

Live streaming

If you missed the 10th Skin Cancer Summit & Masterclasses, a recording of the Summit and the Dermoscopy Masterclass are can now be purchased online. Click here to get access.




Two days of masterclasses prior to the Summit with international experts, giving you the unique opportunity to hear from the world’s best and walk away with knowledge to excel at what you do.



The one-day Summit features renowned skin cancer experts who will deliver the latest clinical content on skin cancer management, bringing you up to date and stretching your thinking in this innovative field.



The social program offers a variety of networking opportunities with your peers and the presenters, including an exceptional Gala dinner with professionals who share your passion for skin cancer medicine. 


"The Skin Cancer Summit is a not-to-be-missed event for any GP."

Dr Neil Hearnden, QLD


"The Summit helped me improve my practice and I will make some positive changes."

Dr Sean Kristoffersen, NSW

"This has been the best ever educational experience I've enjoyed in many years. The Summit was the most worthwhile skin cancer primary care meeting available and the calibre of presenting experts was superb."

Dr Donal Kerrin, QLD


"The Skin Cancer Summit will address key questions and offer solutions for use in your daily practice. It was well directed to our needs, well-organised, and very enjoyable."

Dr Yvette Wylde, QLD

"The Summit was a detailed, comprehensive, up-to-date way to improve and increase knowledge. It's always good to be at the cutting edge of new developments in skin cancer medicine."

Dr Keith Skilbeck, VIC


"This was a gripping, knowledge-acquiring, enriching conference. I learnt comprehensive information regarding skin cancer prevention, treatments, methodologies, diagnoses, research, and practical hints. The venue, catering and activities were excellent. HealthCert is a great organisation."

Dr Ruth Nimbargi, VIC